Deltona Teacher Steps Into Presidential Role With Obama Impersonation

By MARK HARPER, Staff Writer

Sean Banks, also known as Sean NgYing of Deltona, protests as President Barack Obama during a recent visit by Governor Rick Scott. (N-J | Nigel Cook)
Sean Banks, as President Barack Obama, spent a moment answering the tough questions from a News-Journal staff writer recently. (Sean NgYing)
Sean Banks, stage name of Sean NgYing of Deltona, poses as President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. (Sean NgYing)


Q&A with ‘Fauxbama’

The News-Journal met with Obama impersonator Sean Banks at his oval table, sort of, in his Gray House. Here’s a snippet of the exchange:


Q. Hey, this is not the White House …

As president of the United States, it’s my duty to take care of the job that’s needed. Whether it’s the White House, or Air Force One, which is a White House in the sky, or a three-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage, in Deltona, Fla., I will do the job.

Q. Now that you’ve killed Osama bin Laden, how soon can my brother come home from Iraq?

That’s a good question, and first I would like to give my absolute gratitude for what the troops overseas are doing. How they are protecting our country, it is necessary for them to still be there. They will return when everything is as it needs to be.

Q. When you talked about job creation, did you have any idea that ‘Obama impersonator’ was going to be one of them?

That was on the very forefront of my mind during the election process. That was something I have been working on. It is something we continue to do to this very day.

Q. Where are you keeping Joe Biden these days?

Someplace where we don’t have to worry that he’s going to keep putting his foot in his mouth.

Q. Does the job of Obama impersonator come with health care?

Ironically, in leaving my day job, I had to give up my health care for the year, so everything has had to be out-of-pocket.

Q. Can I see your birth certificate?

I have it locked away with Joe Biden.

— Mark Harper